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Liberty Central – America’s Public Square.  We Listen. We Inspire. We Activate…to secure the blessings of liberty.














In November of 2009, Liberty Central, a 501(c)4 organization, was founded to harness the power of citizen voices, inform everyday Americans with knowledge, and activate them to preserve liberty.  We recognized the need for our country to bridge the gap between our nation’s citizens and its Capitol and return to a government that adheres to our core Founding Principles – limited government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, free enterprise, and national security.  Working alongside like-minded organizations and individuals, Liberty Central assists new citizen-activists in their search for educational resources and for tangible ways to impact our current political environment.   




Who are we?


Liberty Central is a non-partisan, 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization located near Washington, D.C., staffed and managed by seasoned patriotic activists who have enjoyed a huge track-record of success.  We owe no party our allegiance, and recognize the value of working within a two-party system.


Each of us is a lifelong champion of liberty, with insistence on limited government.  We have spoken truth to power and have not only survived, but have prospered and now encourage and inspire others to do the same.


In a nutshell: passion and courage coupled with action.


Liberty Central connects the grassroots of America with Washington, D.C. politicians and staffers.  We serve both through our unique Lobbying for Liberty initiative, where we bring the grassroots concerns to the Washington, D.C. establishment, and  the way in which we bring understanding of political posturing to the grassroots.  We are different from other like-minded organizations because we have strong relationships with local activists, as well as federal-level politicians and staffers, and we have the passion and courage, coupled with action, to protect liberty for all Americans.


What do we do?


Millions of our friends and fellow Americans are yearning to be free, looking to exercise their right to a government of limited, enumerated powers.  We help them do just that.  The unique organization built by a creative team of grassroots activists uses the most effective ways to connect the Grassroots to the political class.


We also mainstream grassroots leadership, those who follow state and local community leaders, with established conservatives who are good friends of ours.


We help encourage and fund state and local events, offer organizational advice, make connections, establish link-ups, liaison with other like-minded D.C. Organizations, start new organizations, and find new members to join us.  We appear on TV, Talk radio, write opinion pieces and articles, and otherwise maintain a high public profile for the cause of Liberty.


And now we do much more.  Liberty Central 2.0 has a new President and CEO, Gary Aldrich, a former FBI Agent and bestselling author.  Gary is leading Liberty Central toward a second path – the establishment of local, state, and regional chapters nationwide that will interface from the local district all the way up to the top!


We have members to visit and contact Members of Congress in their home district offices, and also an experienced staff to maintain a strong presence in the corridors of power, including the hallways of Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch.


What makes us different from other such groups?


Liberty Central is of, by, and for grassroots activists.  Our agenda is set by a network of citizens across the country, with our National Coordinator, Lynne Holicky, and Citizen Leaders Council President, Billie Tucker, providing a daily conduit for the vision and needs of citizen activists.

Liberty Central’s President, Gary Aldrich spent nearly two years on Capitol Hill and five years in the White House.  He cannot be intimidated or rolled by the so-called high and mighty political class.


He has seen it all, and he still prefers his liberty – and he only associates with others who believe the same way.


Liberty Central goes over, under, and around political establishment to reach our goals which are the same goals of the majority of the newly established Tea Party Movement.


We have always been conservatives – have never wavered in our positions – and never will.  If asked to describe Liberty Central, we would say in two words or less, “absolutely independent.”


In summary, what makes us different from other Tea Party-styled associations:


  • We have not been elected, we will never run for office, and we have always managed to get along well with others.


  • We never air our disagreements in public, nor do we attack our friends for their shortcomings or human failures.  All are welcome but must behave in a civil manner.
  • The Constitution offers the tools we need to fix what is broken with America.


  • We are battle-tested and ready and you can always count on our love of country and our honest, ethical approach to problem solving.



Values Statement:

Liberty Central is led by a principled and dedicated team that actively listens to others and creatively shares our passion for Liberty.  We operate in a fun-loving environment that produces informative, inspirational, responsive, and timely resources to make a positive impact in our country.  While we are non-partisan, we are constitutionally-minded and will always refer to this Values Statement while working with and for each other.

Gary Aldrich, President & CEO

In the course of his 26 year career with the FBI, Special Agent Gary Aldrich accepted a post at the White House during the administration of President George H.W. Bush on matters related to National Security and regarding the backgrounds on political appointees and White House officials. Mr. Aldrich retired from the FBI during the first term of President Bill Clinton.

In stark contrast with the impeccably clean records of the Bush staff and appointees, those of the Clinton Administration were devious and obfuscating. In many cases Mr. Aldrich met a blithe attitude to serious allegations of wrongdoing that would have sunk a Bush candidate. Discoveries of drug abuse, criminal activity, and disregard for National Security became common when vetting a candidate—and the administration did not seem to care.

Mr. Aldrich became increasingly concerned with what he witnessed. Unable to gain security clearance without meeting well established investigation standards, Clinton employees flouted authority by carelessly moving into restricted areas and viewing classified documents without security clearance.

Additionally, the moral fiber of this great symbol of American patriotism and honor was impugned with a callus, post-modern approach to etiquette practiced by First Lady and “co-president” Hillary Rodham Clinton (with the greatest example being the now storied pornographic Blue Room Christmas tree decorated for the sake of high art).

Mr. Aldrich could not let these threats to national security and attacks on basic American values continue. Very few were willing to make a stand and call the Clintons to task on their debauched and dangerous moral transgressions, so he decided to end his career in law enforcement and expose the truth. He authored Unlimited Access – An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House. The book was a well-reasoned indictment of the Clinton Administration centralized around his argument that the lax attention given to ethics and morals was creating possible catastrophic breaches of national security, as well as setting the scene for a world-wide embarrassment.

The book soon entered the New York Times’ bestsellers list at #1, and has since been credited as one of the forerunners of the provocative trend in popular conservative books on national affairs. But this success did little to blunt the harsh sting of scorn and criticism that was to be heaped upon Mr. Aldrich. His livelihood, his family’s security, his hard-earned good reputation, and his very life were put on the line on a daily basis in the face of a vociferous maelstrom from the Hard Left who wished to keep the truth about the Clintons, and their real agenda under wraps.

Mr. Aldrich was able to weather the storm all the stronger though, and went on to release both a political novel, Speak No Evil, and another book of essays, Thunder on the Left, which outlined the Hard Left’s systematically co-option of a political party. He was left in a fortunate position of credibility and respectability in the conservative movement.

With firsthand knowledge of the hardship facing those who dare speak the truth in the face of corrupt power, Mr. Aldrich became determined to make a difference by helping others. Thus was conceived a non-profit foundation to assist whistleblowers and to protect their first amendment rights.

Citizen Leadership Council

The Citizen Leadership Council assists American patriots who are seeking knowledge of the core founding principles and supports their passion for preserving freedom and liberty. State representatives facilitate grassroot organizations and collaborate efforts to define both National and Statewide concerns, creating a valuable place where all citizens can become active participants in their citizenship.

Internship Program

The Liberty Central Internship Program will provide participants with the opportunity to work substantively with a team of dedicated staff members committed to citizen activism. Interns will work with the staff to research, market and update the website to provide everyday citizens across the country with a means to get involved. The intensive work load, job experience and technical skills will equip interns for a future career in politics.


Like many non-profit organizations, Liberty Central, Inc respects the wishes of its donors to keep their identities confidential. Our policy is in full compliance with the “Donor’s Bill of Rights” developed by the National Society of Fund Raising Executives, the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Among its tenets is the promise that donations will be “handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.”