Big Government’s Broken Promises


We are currently unhappy with our government. According to Gallup, it has a 17% approval rating. Why is approval so low? I believe it is because government is too big and is trying to do more than it is capable of doing. Big government can’t keep its promises. I believe this is why our Founding Fathers created a system to keep government limited. They knew it was the only way to protect life, liberty, and happiness. They knew we would be disappointed.

President Obama wants the rich to pay more so the government can do more for all of us.  Those who believe the government should do less have been disappointed for a long time.  Those who believe the government should do more are finally getting disappointed too. The Congressional Black Caucus is criticizing Obama for not doing enough for the Black community and the President criticized them in return telling them to stop complaining. This is what happens when we give too much power to a Government to solve problems they cannot solve.  This is why our Founders warned us about big government and designed a system to limit it.

It is ironic that the big government system Obama wants for this us, a socialist democracy that promises to do more, is currently collapsing in Europe.   Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc. are all failing economically and threaten the health of the world economy.   Even so, Obama continues to sell the benefits of big government.

Our big government has proven it can’t run a Post Office or a railroad without huge deficits.   It also can’t make money in the Green industry.  It lost $500 million of OUR money in Solyndra.

Big government can’t solve the problems in our communities like the Congressional Black Caucus is demanding.   Only we, in cooperation with the free market capitalist system, and those willing to help the community can solve our problems.  As long as we continue to trust big government to solve our problems we will be disappointed.  Let’s start solving our own problems.  Let’s vote for people who can help us limit the government not make it bigger.