The Federal Emergency Management Agency



This week, in the wake of hurricane Irene, Governor Malloy and Senator Lieberman were quoted in the Connecticut Post supporting the need for FEMA.  I looked up FEMA’s mission.   The web site reads “FEMA’S mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to … mitigate all hazards.”

Wow, FEMA is going to support us to ensure we work together.  Hmmmmmmm.. You mean just like the way Congress works together?  In my opinion, someone needs to help us clean up all this “bull” that FEMA is spreading.

The truth is FEMA is just another example of “good intentions by the Federal Government gone bad.”   The mission sounds good and makes us feel good.   Help people who have a disaster.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work.  It is just another false promise the Government can’t keep.   FEMA wastes our money while it, with the very best of intentions, does something (poorly) we are already capable of doing ourselves. 

FEMA is another way to pour money down the “black hole of redistribution” while we feel good about it.  We feel good until we wake up and realize our grandchildren have to pay the bill that makes us feel good.

In Katrina FEMA purchased approximately 26,000 prefabricated homes at a cost of $900 million and FEMA admitted it didn’t know how the decision was made.  Almost every penny was wasted because FEMA’s own rules prohibit the use of those types of homes in flood plains. 

FEMA is currently investigating 160,000 cases of misused funds to hurricane victims totally $653 million.  According to NPR, FEMA has several hundred ‘open’ disasters that have happened over the past 10 to 15 years that it is still reconciling.  This means they are still involved in the rebuilding of schools or the rebuilding of town halls, city halls, water treatment plants, etc. Could these projects been finished earlier if the local towns and cities and states were accountable?

FEMA encourages “learned helplessness.”  It steals our responsibility. It creates a false hope of help while it wastes our money.  Like Social Security, which is going bankrupt, it creates a false hope of help. We are created a culture of entitlement, victimhood and helplessness.  We are being taught to ask our politicians, “Where is our handout?”  Then we are disappointed because it is too small or too late or too corrupt.  Politicians steal our responsibility, encourage helplessness, and then say, “See, we need to help people because Capitalism isn’t working.”

Governor Malloy called U.S Rep Ron Paul “an idiot” because he was courageous enough question the value of FEMA.  Hey Governor, ridicule is not an argument.  Look at the facts.  FEMA causes waste, creates a false hope and probably prevents individuals from taking personal responsibility to prepare for disasters themselves.  In my opinion this false hope steals money from great organizations, like the American Red Cross, that truly help disaster preparedness. 

Some in Congress want to boost the budget of FEMA because they are running out of money because they are unable to manage the current disasters and have enough for potential disasters.  When Congressmen like Paul and Eric Cantor call for caution and fiscal responsibility (cut something else first if you want to fund FEMA) they are vilified.  

Like most progressive programs it makes us feel good and doesn’t work. Progressives claim that programs like FEMA do things individuals can’t do on their own.  They are right.  There is no way I could waste nearly a billion dollars on my own.  There is no way I could personally give false hope to millions who will be disappointed.  Hey Governor Malloy and Senator Lieberman, stop stealing our responsibility so we can feel good about ourselves.  It doesn’t work.