Union Supporters of Health Care Reform Pay the Price

President Obama and the liberals’ efforts to take over our health care system were supported heavily by the labor unions. Groups like AFL-CIO and SEIU were the counter-protesters to the grassroots tea party efforts to stop this massive expansion of health care. Now that the liberals finally forced through their health care reform bill, some in the unions are unhappy with the “change” that they got.

Obamacare was sold to America as a bill that would reduce costs for all Americans and expand coverage. It was said that if you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage. Well, that’s not happening. Companies began dropping their employees’ coverage because the bill made private coverage so expensive by driving premiums up. The bill actually contained incentives for companies to drop coverage rather than maintain private insurance for its employees.

SEIU members have taken a hit under Obamacare. Three Pennsylvania hospitals have been forced to close because they cannot afford to remain open under the new law. Its employees are all members of SEIU, whose union dues were spent promoting a bill that just put them out of a job.

The Obama administration has started granting waivers from certain requirements where certain employers would otherwise drop their coverage. Included in those waivers were unions like the United Federation of Teachers, the Painters’ union (IUPAT), and the Transport Workers. The groups that worked so hard to pass Obamacare need to ask out.

A quote pulled directly from UFCW 75′s website puts it best “While health care reform will expand coverage for many working people, this new law comes at a price.” What the labor unions are quickly finding out is what many of us already knew. The price of Obamacare is loss of jobs and the loss of private insurance.

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