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2/6/11 – Sunshine News, Tea Partiers Expect Anti-Scott Protests in Eustis, Say They Will Have Plenty of Security

2/4/11 – St. Petersburg Times, Tea Partiers Abuzz About Gov. Rick Scott’s Budget Unveiling

1/27/11 – The Daily Caller, Senate Tea Party Caucus Now Open For Business

1/27/11 – Los Angeles Times, Senate Tea Party Caucus Holds First Meeting

1/27/10 – Slate, The Senate’s Tea Party Caucus Launches

10/6/10 – Ginni Thomas discusses looming tax hikes on Tammy Bruce show

10/6/10 – The Examiner, Join The 2010 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention

10/5/10 – ABC News, Good Morning America

10/1/10 – Daily Caller, Americans Grade The ‘Pledge To America’

9/14/10 – Radio, Talkback with Chuck Wilder

9/10/10 – Daily Caller, September Is Galvanizing Month

9/9/10 – Hillsdale Collegian, Students Intern with new D.C. Activist Group

9/6/10 – Redstate, Don’t Be Complacent, Get Your Liberty On

9/6/10 – World Net Daily, How 9.12 March On DC Plans To Rock Washington

9/3/10 – Dallas Morning News, Dallas-Area Tea Party Rally Urges Getting Out The Vote

9/1/10 –, Wyden: For imposing the Obamacare individual health mandate before he was against it

9/1/10 – Daily Caller, Insurgents Are Helping The GOP

8/27/10C-SPAN, Video - Ginni Thomas Speaks to Steamboat Institute

Click image below to go to video:

8/27/10 –, VIDEO – Coast To Coast

8/25/10 – Daily Caller, Project Gears up for 9/11 ‘March on Washington’

8/24/10 – Human Events It’s Time to Hold Congress Accountable

8/24/10 – Washington Times Hybrid Groups Using Freedom, Cash Clout

8/23/10 – ABC News, Topline

8/19/10 – Palin Promotions Who Does Emily’s List Speak For?

8/18/10 – Liberty Central Launches Online ‘Get Your Liberty On’ Video Contest

8/15/10 – Eagle Tribune Liberty Central Endorses Lamontagne for Senate

8/12/10 – Ovide 2010 Liberty Central Endorses Ovide For Senate

8/11/10 – Forbes Steamboat Institute Will Feature Ginni Thomas and Tony Blankley During 2010 Annual Freedom Conference

8/11/10 – The Ed Morrissey Show Grassroots Wednesday (See Interview Here)

8/4/10 – The Hill Wedge Issues Go Nuclear

8/4/10 – CBS News US-Russia Nuclear Arms Pact Stalls in Senate

8/4/10 – Washington Post Vote on New START Nuclear Arms Treaty Delayed in Senate

8/4/10 – Daily Caller Setting the Record Straight: A Call for Repeal

8/4/10 – Hot Air Carville Pollster Shows Democrats Stumbling Even Further With Electorate

8/3/10 – Washington Post Lawmakers Hope for Quiet Recess of Town Hall Meetings As Parties Eye Midterms

8/2/10 – Earth Times Liberty Central Launches Free Training Website to Activate the Congressional August Races

8/2/10 – CNS News Conservative Group Launches Summer School for Political Activists

7/31/10 – Politico The New Tea Party Bible

7/29/10 – Red State Real Change: Faith In Government Collapses under Obama

7/29/10 – Daily Caller Where’s the Sunlight in the Frank-Dodd Bill?

7/29/10 – Liberty Central Releases Congressional Scorecards

7/28/10 – Virginia Margarita Countdown to November, How Does Your Member of Congress Score?

7/26/10 – Selma Times Politics Daily Top Ten Women To Watch

7/23/10 – Daily Caller You Can’t Fool Us Anymore

7/23/10 – Foreign Policy -The Cable- Tea Party Activists Come Out Against Start

7/19/10 – The Captain’s America Hot Tea News

7/17/10 - Daily Caller Sen. Chuck Grassley Discovered Massive Waste in HHS Vaccine Program as Administration Stonewalls

07/16/10 – News with Views Scott Brown, Others Help Pass Obama’s Finance Bill

07/16/10 – Daily Caller It’s Not You It’s Me

07/14/10 – Truth Alliance Network Financial Takeover Bill Seems Poised for Passage

07/11/10 – Red State - IRS, New Healthcare Law Imposes Significant New Burdens

07/09/10 – DC Examiner, SCJ Clarence Thomas to Swear in Lee, Ginni Thomas Gets Mike Lee Tea Party Support

07/09/10 – Red State Financial Regs Bill and Affirmative Action All In One

07/09/10 – Politics Daily, The Next 10 Women to Watch in Politics

07/07/10 – AOL News, New Breed of GOP Groups Rises to Party’s Challenges

07/07/10 – Huffington Post, Virginia Thomas, Wife Of Justice Clarence Thomas, Cements Her Role As Tea Party Star

7/7/10 – Newser Clarence Thomas’ Wife’s Tea Party Group Steeped in Cash

07/06/10 – Politico, Secret Donors Makes Thomas’s Wife’s Group A Tea Party Player

06/30/10 – World Net Daily, Something In The Air

06/26/10 – Human Events, Conservative Spotlight: Liberty Central

06/22/10 – Daily Caller, The Danger of Armchair Lawyering

06/17/10 – Washington Examiner, Three Minute Interview

06/13/10 – U.S. News & World Report, Washington Whispers

06/11/10 –, Op-Ed, The Next American Revolution Is Here

06/10/10 - USA Radio Network, Point of View (Listen Here)

06/10/10 – Liberty Pundits, Podcast (Listen Here)

06/08/10 – Moonbattery, The Mrs. Thomas

06/07/10 – Hannity, Fox News (click here or the picture)

06/07/10 – Matt Lewis, Article

06/05/10 – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Five Principles for Road Ahead

06/02/10 – Tammy Bruce Appearance, Preview

5/31/10 – The Mike Gallagher Show, (click here to listen)

05/26/10 – Smart Girl Politics, Radio Interview (click here to listen)

05/25/10 – Newsmax, Palin Resonates Because People Love Authenticity (video below)

05/25/10 – Newsmax, Ginni Thomas, Democrats Imposing Tyranny

05/24/10 – Fox News Sunday (Click here for video)

05/24/10 – Daily Caller, Introducing Liberty Central

05/22/10 – Redstate, Announcing Liberty Central

03/16/2010 – Washington Post, Wife of Justice Thomas Starts Group For ‘citizen activists’

Into the heightened political atmosphere between the Supreme Court and the Obama administration comes now Virginia Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, who is founder of a new nonprofit lobbying and political-organizing group catering to the “citizen activists” of the “tea party” movement. See more.

03/14/2010 – National Review, The Corner

…if you are the wife of a Supreme Court justice — not the Supreme Court justice himself, mind you, but the justice’s wife — and you dare to have your own career and further dare to be a public conservative who defends core American principles of individual liberty against the Leftist onslaught, we are supposed to assume that the impartiality of the Supreme Court (on which the wife of the justice does not sit) has been compromised. That’s the upshot of the Los Angeles Times hit job this morning by Kathleen Hennessey on Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. It’s an unmitigated disgrace. See more.

02/23/2010 – The Blog of Legal Times

Since then, it appears that that Thomas has re-entered the world of conservative advocacy. She was at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, promoting a new Web site called Liberty Central, described as an online community for those seeking to “preserve freedom and reaffirm the core founding principles.” See more.

02/18/2010 – Hot Air, CPAC Interview (Video)


December 3, 2010: Liberty Central & Patrick Henry Center Ally for Maximum Grassroots Impact

November 4, 2010: Midterm Election Results Vindicate Liberty Central Mission

October 12, 2010: With 20 Days to Go, Liberty Central Endorses 20 More House and Senate Candidates

September 30, 2010: Liberty Central Launches First National Ad Campaign to Fight Obama Tax Increases

September 10, 2010: Liberty Central’s Ginni Thomas to ADdress March on DC Crowd Tonight

September 9, 2010: Liberty Central Marks 78 House & Senate Races All Voters Should Watch

August 24, 2010: Liberty Central Endorses Mac Warner in West Virginia Senate Race

August 17, 2010: Liberty Central Launches Online ‘Get Your Liberty On’ Video Contest

August 11, 2010: Liberty Central Announces Top 20 House Races

August 10, 2010: Liberty Central Announces Senate Endorsements

August 2, 2010: Liberty Central Launches Free Training Website

July 8, 2010: Liberty Central Joins 31 Conservative Groups to Oppose Dodd-Frank Financial Bailout

June 8, 2010: Liberty Central Endorses First Candidate: Mike Lee for US Senate in Utah

May 25, 2010: Liberty Launch Summons Patriots to Stand Up and Make History

Passionate Tea Party Organizer Joins Liberty Central

February 25, 2010: Poll Shows Citizen Activists are Eager to Vote